Month: October 2015

The best country in the world for food

The French fancy themselves, obviously. This is, after all, the birthplace of haute cuisine, a country in which food is taken more seriously than perhaps any other facet of life (save for wine and striking). France has spawned a form of cookery that’s famous the world over.

It’s the home of pate, of baguettes, of butter that’s a meal in itself, of stinky cheese, of croissants, pains au chocolat and tarte tatin. So it’s completely fair that the French would fancy themselves as gourmands. You could say they invented the word.

It’s also fair that when you consider what might be the world’s best travel destination for food lovers, France would come to mind. It’s hard to argue that any traveller who’s interested in stuffing their face with tasty foreign morsels shouldn’t have the country on their itinerary.


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